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Frequently asked questions about logo is a Fan Engagement Platform designed to benefit its members by making solid long term connections with fans. Through our platform, Members can accept tips, create events, take song requests, connect and keep fans engaged, create PPV live streams with many more features to come. See Timeline for more information on future development. is designed specifically for Musicians and Live Performers but can benefit any Creator, Venue, Bar, or Business. was created to give musicians, live performers and creators alike a place to do businesses that gives them the most control of their careers. These larger corporations have proven time and time again that they are self serving and the members come second to their profits. TJL is created for the exact opposite purpose. We want to give the power and money back to our members.

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TJL is built to pass all costs associated with servers, transactions, upkeep, development, etc... onto the fans and not, like most places, a burden to the members. TJL Platform Fee: 3% Member Rewards: 2% The total is a 5% transactional fee only. This is the fee! We strive to never raise this fee but to lower the cost of each transaction as the overall transaction volume increases.

If you would like to participate in the TJL Community you can submit Images and videos for TJL to use in its marketing as well as tutorial videos that TJL may distribute as educational material amongst other members. Anyone who is active on TJL has the opportunity to be the face of TJL to other TJL members. Join our Discord:

If you did not have a referral code on sign up or you entered it incorrectly, please send an email to Subject: Membership Approval Request for *Your Name*. Tell us a little bit about yourself, goals with the platform and links to social media sites. That is how you will get approval fast tracked.

TipJarLive operates with a 1% reward per transaction on all their direct and indirect sign ups. Since you are required to have a referral code to avoid the approval process, everyone is automatically enrolled into the affiliate program as a “Member” through using a referral code at time of sign up. If a person does not have a referral code on sign up, they will need admin approval before they will be displayed and able to use the platform. If approved they will be assigned randomly under another member. Every member can participate in the refer to earn program as it happens automatically.